Elsie Cast

44: The Merch Guy

April 23, 2018

I talk to Ricky Winowiecki, CEO of Ann Arbor Tees about his long-standing relationship with Starkid, Darren Criss, Elsie Fest and Computer Games. Ann Arbor Tees has done merch for all four groups since 2011, and we got into the weeds about the technical aspects of providing merch for a group of crazy creative people.

Ricky also took me through the development of Elsie Fest merch from design to the merch booth, and tells me some of his favorite moments from the two Elsie Fests he's attended. If you are dying to know who designed the merch for each Elsie Fest so far, this is the podcast for you!

And don't miss the sale going on now until (probably) May at store.darrencriss.com! That sale includes official Elsie Fest merch!!!

Info and tickets for Solve-It Squad

For now, you can get your Elsie Cast merch at my shop on Zazzle, because I can't afford inventory, but as soon as I can, I'll be Team Ann Arbor Tees for sure!